Tuesday, November 20, 2012

iPad Stand

The video of this project is below:

I did this for my Grandmother who loves her iPad.  Browsing the web on a tablet is great but it can be a pain to clutch it for a long period of time.  Using it flat on your lap requires arching your feet up to get the legs level, something that gets tiring.  This very simple little device (a picture frame in essence) allows the use of the built in cover stand on right your lap.  This means you can watch with feet flat on the floor and your arms resting in your lap.  This is a simple and useful tool for anyone with mobility issues and is darn convenient for all who like to sit and browse.

I built my stand from scrap I had around the shop.  This is a great project for eating up those leftovers that are too big to toss but too small to be useful.  I toyed with gluing together then planing down the center in order to build in to nice contrasting wood but in the end decided on the oak/aromatic cedar combo.  I felt the scent, activated but lap and device heat, would be a pleasant addition. 


When getting the groove for your board cut, sneak up on the final width because it will be dificult tighten it up later.  Remember because you flip the board around and cut on the saw twice any movement of the fence is doubled.

It might be worth taking a scrap of the right thickness all the way out to the proper width then once you are happy run the edge banding you have prepared.  That way instead of working out you start at the proper width and work in.  No chance of over cutting that way.

If you cut the groove too wide build up the thickness of your center panel with masking tape then after the glue dries carefully cut the tape back to the edge of your frame.  No one will see the tape in the joint, it will be our secret ;-)

Do not try and plow out the boards after you miter them, miter first then cut the 45 on the ends.  Plowing them first leads to an unstable surface for your push stick to hold securely.

When cutting the center panel sneak up on the measurement with a few multiple cuts.  This will ensure that the board is the proper size.  If you cut it too small it will still work provided you still get adequate groove insertion.

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