Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Toy Table Saw Plans

My little boy has been 'cutting' things on an imaginary table saw for some time now.  When I was thinking of gifts he might like for Christmas one toy popped into mind, a wooden table saw.  I admit I never searched for plans or anything, I just built one but it occurred to me that others might like to see how I built the unit and maybe see some plans I drew up for it.  The entire unit can be constructed from one 2x4 foot 1/2 plywood off cut so it is a great 'build from scraps' project.  The one I made my boy is birch hardwood dunnage from our sawmill.  It is the twisted bark covered thin/narrow boards that can't be sold.  It took a lot of them and some glue up but once again we salvaged something of beauty from the trash.  As the suggestion of my wife I will make a start to finish overview video of the project not from my initial hand built example but from my plans.  With luck that will be up soon as it is a priority for me.  Until then I thought you might want to take a peak at my rough plans.  Video and detailed assembly pictures to follow.

 End Plans

I like the little bracket feet but they are optional.

Side Plans
 It is important to get the holes centered precisely on both sides, take your time.  Also the doweling must spin freely so sand/size hole accordingly.

Top Plan

I recommend setting the proper depth on a Circular Saw and plunge cutting this carefully from the back side.  Use jigs and saw stops if needed.  Match the blade to the opening rather than the opening to the blade.

Blade Plan:

I like using a dark hardwood but 3/8th ply works too.  The cut list has the blade cut from the same 1/2 birch plywood as the rest of the saw.

Extra Parts Plan:

The 'blade backer' is simply to stabilize the blade but you will need multiples to keep the dowel from moving side to side.  I put them on the outside on my original but thought it would look better inside the saw case.  Set their placement after setting the top to provide adjustment.

Cutting Diagram:

Just some ideas as to how to map it out on a 2x4 foot sheet.  If you cut the screw cleats and blade from the scrap then all you will need is doweling.


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