Thursday, October 30, 2014

Filtering Used Oil For Reuse

People have asked me why someone might want to do this, well to save money and to help the environment  There are lots of applications, maybe not used motor oil, but lots of other applications where the oil isn't 'worn out' it is just contaminated.  Oil that comes from the rear ends or transmission of heavy trucks for instance is normally changed either because modern equipment mandates it or because it is dark/contaminated.  Older trucks and tractors just don't care as much about this sort of stuff.  My grandfather was always fond of saying you could use peanut butter in a tractor differential and it wouldn't care as long as there was something in there.  Now he wasn't serious about sandwich spread but there is still a lot of truth to it.  Our old equipment isn't very particular and rather than discarding this material this is how I get the chunks out and put it back to use.  I do this with gear oil and hydrolic oil.  I wouldn't put it back into a road vehicle but for mowers, tractors heck even chainsaw bar oil it works a treat.

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